Clearinghouse Setup guides

Employer checklist for FMCSA Clearinghouse setup

Prior to starting the process please note that an online account will be needed at two different FMCSA sites. The FMCSA Clearinghouse (Site 1) requires a link to an existing FMCSA Portal (site 2) account. The following instructions will provide instructions for complete setup of both.

  1. Register for the FMCSA Portal.
    • You will need your DOT number and Pin number.
    • For lost Pins please contact 1-800-832-5660.
  2. Register for the FMCSA Clearinghouse
    • You will need your login information from the FMCSA portal to link the two accounts together.
    • DOT has provided PDF Instructions for registration to the FMCSA Clearinghouse.
    • After creating your account, contact information, and company information the site will ask you to designate a C/TPA.
    • List Mobile Occupational Services, Inc. as your C/TPA. Begin typing Mobile Occupational Services, Inc. into the designation box and our name will auto populate.
    • Mobile Occupational Services will be providing all requirements for the Clearinghouse. All boxes will remain checked.
    • Complete the setup by reading the terms and conditions agreeing.
  3. Provide Consent Form to all FMCSA covered employees and all potential covered employees.
    • Like a DOT Pre-employment drug test, a clear Pre-employment Clearinghouse Query must be returned prior to performing any FMCSA covered safety sensitive duties.
    • A query will be conducted either at the time of a verified DOT pre-employment drug test or if requested prior by the employer.
    • All requested queries MUST have the consent completed prior to request. Anyone that does not consent cannot be used in any FMCSA covered duties.
  4. Purchase a Query Plan under your Clearinghouse account. This will enable “credits” to run queries.
    • This should be based on the number of FMCSA covered employees expected as well as the number of DOT pre-employments expected for the year.
    • This must be purchased by the employer. It can NOT be purchased by MOS.
    • FMCSA does not allow us to monitor or purchase credits for clients. Please be sure your account has credits at all times to avoid delays or possible violations.
    • See the FMCSA Query plan brochure for complete details.
  5. Consent form will cover a “blanket” of time from the pre-employment process and for the duration of employment.
  6. Consent form must be kept available for audits.

Important things to note for the Clearinghouse